About Old Salty

From its inception Mouat’s Trading Company has always been a Salt Spring Island family business. The main Mouat’s store began in 1907 at G.J. Mouat’s and company. While the original Mouat’s had almost everything under one roof and supplied all of Salt Spring.

Mouat’s Trading Company of today is more specialized. As part of its growing specialization Mouat’s Trading Company developed the Salty Shop in 1975 as a separate “variety store” within the main hardware building. The Salty Shop moved over to the harbour building almost fifteen years later. The Salty Shop became OLD SALTY STORE. Under the direction of Mary Lou Bompas, who has been with the company since 1979, Old Salty Store has become a destination retail business on Salt Spring Island.

In keeping with the Mouat’s Trading Company tradition, Old Salty Store is still very much a family business. Presenting new ideas with valued traditions in an inspiring environment hip with history, “sort a speak.” Serving the islander and visitor year round and employing many local families.

From cards to home decor, chocolate to West coast native and baubles to fine jewellery. Coastal, local or from around the world we hope you find things you’ve been looking for all your life. We pride ourselves on finding the perfect gift for every occasion.


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